A Far Cry…From Home

A Mother’s Journey of Love, Loss and Healing…Through the Eyes of an Angel by Sandy Richards

Reeling from initiation into a club for which no one seeks to belong…a club reserved for parents thrust into surviving the death of a child; A Far Cry…From Home enlists the insight of an “angel” as he portrays the true story of his mother’s journey through love, loss, and healing; a journey of the strongest kind of love. A journey of a loss that changed lives forever. A journey of healing that is exhausting and painful, yet cleansing and full of hope.

A Far Cry…From Home introduces readers into the chaos of emotions that unravel a parent in the aftermath of the loss of their child. “In death as in life, everyone makes choices. You can choose to languish in despair and make friends with your grief. Or, you can choose to hope, smile, and remember what is truly important: the lives of those we love and to honor them in our living

One dollar per book sale from A Far Cry…From Home will be donated to the Tyler Richards Memorial Scholarship Fund.