The Tyler Richards Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in the winter of 2003. The fund has been supported by family, friends, teammates, teachers, coaches and all who loved him.

Ty had an uncanny way of making a friend of everyone he met.
Throughout his young life, he always had a kind word, a bright
smile and warm support to offer those around him.

At age 16, a tragic car accident took Tyler’s life before he had
the chance to begin his journey to adulthood. In the spirit of Tyler
Richards, this scholarship fund is intended to financially support
and inspire its recipients to strive for their best through higher

Your support is greatly appreciated by those who will benefit, as well as all who believe Tyler's spirit lives on.

Thank you,
Sheldon Richards, Sandy Richards George,
and Austin Richards

"A few more laughs and his dashing smile...
Might have done the trick for a very short while.
Taken so quickly, without any warning...
Little did we know, our Angel we would be mourning.
We will remember you always, with a smile on our face...
Your name never forgotten, not in this case.
So go now Tyler, feel free to fly...
Knowing you're our angel, Our Angel in Disguise."

- excerpt from original poem by Bailey Michaud, Oct 3, 2003